Case In Progress

Accurate claims processing takes a significant amount of time.

Thank you for your patience.

We adhere to a comprehensive program that includes, among other things, the following steps:


  • Develop custom software for efficient claims processing.

  • Field all general claimant inquiries — explaining provisions, answering questions, and reconciling charges of deficiency.

  • Receive and review claims — documenting changes, updates, and corrections along the way.

  • Audit claimants’ information in the data-managing system.

  • Identify duplicate and fraudulent claims.

  • Identify incomplete claims and communicate with claimants.

  • Provide attorneys with comprehensive reports and affidavits.

  • File appropriate tax, regulatory, and financial reports for the settlement fund.


  • Design checks, enclosures and cover letters.

  • Prepare databases for transfer agents, if required.

  • Prepare, process, issue, and mail checks.

A distribution cannot be made until all claims have been examined and evaluated, which takes a considerable amount of time. The distribution of the Net Settlement Fund will be made in accordance with the Plan of Allocation as described in the Notice. Please note that distribution of the Net Settlement Fund is also subject to final approval of the Court.