Berdon Claims Administration LLC

Why BCA?

Berdon Claims Administration LLC (“BCA”) is a wholly owned affiliate of Berdon LLP – a full-service accounting and advisory firm ranked among the top 30 CPA firms in the nation, which offers a full array of accounting, tax, financial and management advisory services.

Having branched from a highly reputable accounting and financial services firm, BCA maintained the decades-refined auditing experience and financial expertise. Time after time, this knowledge proved to be invaluable in our work with securities class action litigations.

Services We Provide

From securities and consumer actions to antitrust, age, gender, or race discrimination cases, today’s class action and bankruptcy claims are often large and complex undertakings. Fulfilling them can be a monumental and costly task — without the support of skilled professionals. Matching specialists and skills to the specific needs of each case, our experts can manage settlement funds ranging into hundreds of millions of dollars while delivering services on time and on budget. You will benefit from a team of professionals immersed in the income tax treatment of settlement funds and thoroughly familiar with the rules of the Internal Revenue Code Section 468B. And with our customary all-encompassing approach, we stay with the process through fulfillment and beyond.

Covering Every Detail
We begin by preparing a detailed document with all the relevant points of the case. Everyone involved is kept fully apprised of the issues and goals. A Berdon partner guides and monitors the work of each specialist on the team to assure accuracy, timeliness, and continuity. We adhere to a comprehensive and fully defined program that includes the following:


  • set up a secure work area

  • create, review, and update the list of potential class members

  • arrange for the most cost-effective mailings and publications

  • work with banks to establish efficient escrow, investment management and procedures for future disbursements

In conjunction with the plaintiff’s attorney we:

  • develop plans for administration

  • review the allocation plan

  • design and print class notices and proof of claim forms


  • coordinate mailing of notice and claim forms

  • arrange for notice publication

  • compile mailing lists from our own database of the largest banks, brokers, and other nominees

  • reconcile bad addresses and requests for exclusion

  • establish and manage a dedicated settlement website

  • provide an affidavit of mailings and publications prior to the final approval hearing


  • develop custom software for efficient claims processing

  • field all general claimant inquiries — explaining provisions, answering questions, and reconciling charges of deficiency.

  • receive and review claims — documenting changes, updates, and corrections along the way

  • audit claimants’ information in the data-managing system

  • identify duplicate and fraudulent claims

  • identify incomplete and defective claims and communicate with claimants

  • issue due process letters

  • provide attorneys with comprehensive reports and affidavits

  • file appropriate tax, regulatory, and financial reports for the settlement fund


  • design checks, enclosures and cover letters

  • prepare databases for transfer agents

  • prepare, process, issue, and mail checks


  • file appropriate tax, regulatory, and financial reports for the settlement fund

  • maintain records of all disbursements to answer claimant inquiries

  • investigate and resolve undelivered material

  • monitor outstanding and cleared checks

  • make re-distributions of uncollected funds

  • maintain databases for agreed-upon period

Speed, Accuracy and Integrity
At BCA we believe that the team approach is the best way to assure that your account is being handled efficiently, economically, and with the highest degree of professional integrity. You can be certain that every detail and nuance will be cared for by experienced hands — people who turn the imposing task of claims administration into positive achievement.

Other Services
Over the years, Berdon Claims Administration LLC has had a privilege to work with universities, research firms and damage experts on various empirical studies. We are a respected resource for attorneys and the academic community.

Additional services include:

  • Preparation of claims for settlements not handled by BCA

  • Computation of compensatory damages

  • Client — Plaintiffs’ Counsel Liaison

Please see Claim Preparation Services for details.

For additional information please contact Mr. Vlady Gleizer at:

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