Claim Preparation Services

Berdon Claims Administration LLC (“BCA”) is a wholly owned affiliate of Berdon LLP — a full-service accounting and advisory firm ranked among the top 30 CPA firms in the nation, which offers a full array of accounting, tax, financial and management advisory services.

As an experienced Claims / Settlement Administrator with an extensive auditing experience and thorough knowledge of financial markets, BCA is ready to assist its clients in a variety of ways.

Preparation of Claims
We will work with your firm, broker/dealer or clearing house in order to compile all the data required for filing a claim.

If necessary, we will work with your brokerage and financial statements to obtain necessary information.

Computation of Compensatory Damages
Our computer programmers will simulate the plan of allocation algorithm to assess the amount of your compensatory damages.

We will contact the claims administrator to ensure that your claim has been evaluated correctly. BCA will engage with the claims administrator to resolve any and all discrepancies.

Client — Plaintiffs’ Counsel Liaison
Should the legal representatives of your firm find that Class Representation may be in your firm’s interest, we will facilitate direct communication with the Plaintiffs’ Counsel.

Please note that BCA will not be able to provide the claim preparation services for the settlements we process in our capacity of claims / settlement administrator.

Our fee structure is directly correlated with the efforts required to accomplish the project. Each job is discussed and evaluated prior to signing the engagement letter. All charges are presented upon completion of the job.

For further information please contact Mr. Vlady Gleizer at (516) 931-3100.