Electronic Submission of Labels


To: Banks, Brokers and Other Nominees

These guidelines outline the procedures and requirements for your electronic submission of labels.  The use of electronic submission may expedite the distribution of proof of claim and release forms and related documents to potential class members.

The data — names and addresses of potential class members — can be submitted in one of the following formats:

  • MS Word mail-merge document

  • WordPerfect mail-merge document

  • MS Excel data table

Mail-merge files

Mail-merge files should be prepared in either MS Word format or WordPerfect format.  The type and size of labels utilized for this purpose is Avery® 5162.

Figures 1 and 2 below, demonstrate sample MS Word and WordPerfect files, respectively.

Figure 1: MS Word sample file.
Figure 2: WordPerfect sample file.

Data tables

If you are unable to create ready-to-print label files in MS Word or WordPerfect formats, please create a spreadsheet containing only the names and addresses of your beneficial owners.  The data must be categorized in columns. Files in which data overflows from one column onto the next, will not be used by our office, and will be returned for corrections.  Figure 3 below, demonstrates a sample MS Excel data file.

Figure 3: MS Excel sample file.

Where to send the data?

The files should be delivered to us utilizing one of the following: (1) 3 2 A diskette; (2) CD-ROM; or (3) ZIP/JAZ media to the address below. All of the above must be IBM formatted and clearly labeled. We request that you utilize the description feature in each and every file you submit, so we can eliminate any confusion. Please refer to Figure 4 below for an example.

Figure 4: Description feature.

Your disk, CD or Zip / Jazz and related correspondence should be mailed to the following address:

Name of Litigation
c/o Berdon Claims Administration LLC
One Jericho Plaza, Suite 106
Jericho, NY 11753
(Re: Electronic label submission)

Alternatively, you may email your data file and the cover letter to vgleizer@BERDONCLAIMS.com

Your data files must be accompanied by a cover letter indicating, among other things, the name of your financial institution, quantity of labels being submitted and the name and phone number of the contact person.

How can we help?

Should you have any further questions regarding data files, labels and “compliance” issues, please contact Mr. Vlady Gleizer at 212-699-8836, or via email at vgleizer@BERDONCLAIMS.com.

Important Note

If you have not responded to the initial mailing of the Class Notice by providing the names and addresses of your qualifying clients at least one month prior to the filing deadline, we will fax / email you a reminder to do so immediately.  Should you fail to respond within 10 days by indicating the status of your research, either by fax or the email feature on our website, it will be deemed that you have no qualifying clients.

For a printable version of this document choose one of the following formats:

  • Labels.pdf — Acrobat PDF document (187 Kbytes)